Iridology & Sclerology

The eye is the window to the soul... it is often said. Modern day science has proven that statement over and over with the art of Iridology and Sclerology.


Iridology is the analysis of the colour and structure of the eye and sclerology is the interpretation of the red lines in the white of the eye. 







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Food for Thought owner, Atri Wilson is a highly respected academic, entrepreneur and community leader in the region. Atri has spent almost thirty years in developing a highly successful, proven approach to health.

She also owns Lagoon Pharmacy in Amanzimtoti.

I qualified in 1979 as a pharmacist, then, 30 years ago I bought my present pharmacy with a huge loan. I put all my efforts into making my pharmacy a safe haven for the community while not forgetting the need to make a reasonable living, feeding, clothing and educating my family.
During this time, I survived medical aid discounts, dispensing doctors, postal scripts, and most recently, the current state interference in the viability of our businesses.
No matter what the `cross-road`, which `paradigm shift` the pharmacy profession found itself in, I always looked for alternatives to ensure that my service would be one step ahead.

In pursuit of this goal, I obtained one of the few permits to dispense antibiotics (Section 22(A) 12), became a family planning officer, etc. 10 years ago I obtained a Diploma in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy, followed in 2002 with a diploma in Iridology from the Felke Institute in Germany. In 2006 I gained a diploma in Nutrition from the Plaskett Inst. in London and am currently busy with a diploma in Nutritional Medicine from FIET (Foundation for International Education and Training) affiliated to Thames University in Britain.

During my Iridology course, I was introduced to Sclerology, the little-known science of interpreting the red lines in the whites of the eye (sclera), and started to practise it on a small scale. Sclerology is a `Health Status Indicator`, in other words, it can give an indication of the present state of acute congestion in the body, as well as chronic long-standing diseases and possible pathology. It can also give an indication of emotional stress, cardiovascular stress and much, much more!   Sclerology has been known by the Chinese for more than a 1 000 years. The present day signs have been verified and confirmed by pathology, MRI scans, and various conventional diagnostic methods and by more than 40 years of clinical study in Europe and America.

Captivated by the effectiveness of this new (for me) skill, I enrolled with one of the world`s best Sclerology teachers, Leonard Mehlmauer. It culminated in a trip to Las Vegas in September 2006 and I have since passed my teachers Diploma in Sclerology.

Of all the courses I have studied, Sclerology has assisted me the most in helping my customers and I would like to share this knowledge with my fellow pharmacists, and other health professionals, as an additional service that adds value while increasing viability.


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