Iridology & Sclerology

The eye is the window to the soul... it is often said. Modern day science has proven that statement over and over with the art of Iridology and Sclerology.


Iridology is the analysis of the colour and structure of the eye and sclerology is the interpretation of the red lines in the white of the eye. 







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Weight Management


When will you stop the gimmicks, the fads and the quick fixes and realise that fat is a health issue?

To obtain long term effective results you need a professionally qualified Health Coach. The market is flooded with `get thin quick` remedies but the manufacturers of these items have little concern about you - they just want your money!


The only way to lose weight and to sustain the weight loss is to return to a healthy state. You can only do this when you know why you got fat in the first place and often this has little to do with your eating habits! If you have reached the end of your excuses and are ready to embark on getting back to a state of health call us and book a no obligations 15 minute appointment.

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The program develops a personal health plan to suit individual health challenges and particular health problems on the base of a profound analysis.
This program will improve your overall health, not just reduce your weight naturally.

The initial consultation includes EIS Scanning using the EIS Scanner, and a Functional Medicine evaluation as well as analysing your eye using Iridology and Sclerology.

Your fingerprint, your iris and your sclera are unique. So are your body and its dietary needs. By utilizing the art of sclerology and iridology, Atri can design your unique diet matched to your genetic and inherited tendencies as well as your emotional needs.  This will assist in choosing the correct food , quantity of food, frequency of meal times etc. for your body type.

With the use of Bach Flower remedies, your emotional needs, which often play a big role in dietary indiscretions, will be addressed.
By using only natural herbs and remedies, no interactions are possible with your prescription drugs.
The whole family can enjoy and participate and the program can be adapted for all ages.



  • Be kind to yourself and give yourself a treat!
  • Loose weight easily with Atri Wilson`s Weight Management Program.
  • Unique medication, safe and tested
  • No special foods involved
  • You never go hungry
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Decrease cholesterol levels
  • You don`t need will power and maintain your weight loss in the long term.



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After completing the program you will know exactly how many fattening types of food you can take in without ever gaining weight again. Our long-term statistics proved this fact. One of the best aspects of our diet is that it contains the ability to change a person from being a depressed, tired, worn-out older than their actual years looking individual into someone vivacious, self-assured, and much younger looking person.

We are sure that our program always works! This certainly provides us confidence to share with our patients. WE GUARANTEE WEIGHT LOSS even with people who usually have a problem in losing weight. The program is often recommended for better health and not necessarily for weight loss. We treat diabetics, people with cardiac disease, hypoglycaemia, stomach ulcers, migraine, allergies and other disorders that occur regularly.


The treatment we administer does not contain any hormones, only harmless, natural ingredients with no side effects.

Will you gain weight once the program is terminated?
NO.  Provided that you comply with our easy recommendations. If you eat excessively, unbalanced foods beyond our recommendations, you will obviously gain weight again.

Firstline Therapy. (The foundation of the Atri Wilson Weight Management Program)

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