Iridology & Sclerology

The eye is the window to the soul... it is often said. Modern day science has proven that statement over and over with the art of Iridology and Sclerology.


Iridology is the analysis of the colour and structure of the eye and sclerology is the interpretation of the red lines in the white of the eye. 







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Sclerology Courses


6 Day Certification Course With Atri Wilson (Master Sclerologist)

Advantages of The Grand Medicine 6 day Certification Course with Atri Wilson.
GranMed Sclerology is:

  1. The best and quickest way to learn the most about Sclerology
  2. Significant enhancement of your health / diagnostic practice
  3. More than glimpses of advanced Eyology Syndrome research
  4. You knowing more about your client than via Iridology alone
  5. You identifying each level of drug pathology and their treatment
  6. High-tech demonstrations of the latest Eyology camera and systems for purchase or do-it-yourself
  7. Your only opportunity to learn the fullest range of Sclerology: all aspects, full details
  8. Why Sclerology is "Iridology's perfect companion": It shows what Physical Iridology leaves out
  9. You knowing sclera markings, what they mean, how to find them, and what to do about them. You will double the amount of data you normally have on your client
  10. Iridologists having trouble with dark brown eyes find that Sclerology easily shows what`s currently shows causing stress and congestion in the patient.
  11. Natural Health practitioners easily learn one of today's very best differential diagnostic methods: Sclerology. While Physical Iridology most readily shows genetic inheritance, Sclerology shows current systems status
  12. You will be given an excellent full-color manual with illustrations and photos keyed to the presentation
  13. You will identify all seven categories of parasites and ten signs for neoplasm and how to Rx for them
  14. You will be given forms used by top practitioners, on CD, that you can adapt to your own practice
  15. You can gain certification via this course, brief practice, and the Exams (details provided in class)
  16. You will be brought up-to-date on recent discoveries in this excellent health evaluation science
  17. You will see many case histories from the clinic, lab, and the extensive GranMed archive

You will go home far more skilled than you came, ready to read eyes


Additional one day complimentary course

Additional One Day Complimentary Course Available by Atri Wilson.
You have identified congestion and stress in the sclera, and what do you do now? How will you treat the patient, what diet to follow, which foods to avoid? This 1-day course will provide some answers and demonstrate methods tried and tested in 13 years of practice.








Four topics will be covered.

The Toxic-stress cycle.
The basic philosophy of the "totality of the human body" is that every part is connected. The question to ask is which system or systems are under stress and how does it relate to present symptoms? The role of the digestive system, liver, kidney, lymphatic system, immune system, cardiovascular system, muscular system, endocrine system, and where you can assist the patient with appropriate remedies will be discussed.

Meridians and the Meridian Chart.
A basic knowledge of the meridian systems will give you a brand new perspective on common symptoms such as migraine, dizziness, dry mouth, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis-elbow, bunions, to name a few.

Herbal and homoeopathic remedies, minerals, etc
This module will give an introduction to the healing powers of herbs and homoeopathy, and how and where to employ them in your treatment regime using the toxic stress cycle and meridian chart as guideline.

Basic nutrition.
How to help your patient avoid foods that are causing most of their symptoms of disease. (4 basic categories).
Examples of diets for patients with psoriasis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, hypoglycemia, over-active thyroid and bronchial asthma.

It must be stressed that the 1-day course will not qualify you in any given therapy. It will however give you a good understanding of naturopathic thinking and possibly encourage you to pursue further study.



Certification Program- Grand Medicine.


Grand Medicine (also `GM` and `GranMed`), headquartered in Las Vegas, certifies students in the sciences of Iridology and Sclerology as to (1) Competency, (2) Teaching and Instructing, and (3) Mastering these sciences.  Grand Medicine Certification is recognised and honoured in our field world wide.  Exam materials are sent either via email or post to the student.  There are commonly two parts: proctored and open-book. The fee for processing and grading exams is typically $75US for the first part and $100 for the second part. Certificates are awarded in hard-copy via post.

In keeping with GM`s policy of maintaining integrity in Eyology science, we have developed an on-going / on-growing program of certification.  The Program based on our experience and desire to establish a strong foundation in the health field. In a recent letter to a GM Course Host, we outlined our intention to continue this policy regarding the training and certification of practitioners and teachers:

"Regarding the teaching of Sclerology and the preparation of qualified instructors, we have found through direct experience that while it is possible for an astute observer (like a college professor experienced in science and in pedantry) to begin teaching Sclerology directly after the 6-Day Course, such a person will still not have had the proper background or anything like sufficient hands-on experience in the science to know how it works in that context.  Also, such a course of action would demean, diminish and trivialise the science itself, reducing it to something like a mere parlour game or silly practice. Those in our field must not be involved in `diploma mill` activities"."Iridology and Sclerology are serious sciences and very valuable means of health evaluation.  They provide natural raw data about the client or patient that would be the envy and desire of any practising physician.  If Eyology is to be taken seriously by other practitioners in the health field it must be treated accordingly and not abused by those who wish only to make money from it or to otherwise profit from a brief and incomplete exposure to it. Therefore, we are happy to work with anyone who values this approach.  We are ready to provide materials discounts and full logistical and other help to qualified teachers and instructors."




Requirements for Competency Certification

1.    Completion of the 54 hour Certification Course. (Offered by Atri Wilson. GMCMS)

2.    A minimum of 90 days of practice prior to application for the 2-part GM Competency Exam

3.    Satisfactory completion of the 2-part Exam (passing grade)

4.    Acceptable evidence of having taken and passed college level anatomy and physiology courses

Requirements for Teacher Certification

1.    Satisfactory completion of the GM Competency Certification

2.    Three years of clinical practice of Sclerology following Competency Certification

3.    Acceptable grades on the Teacher`s Exam

4.    Signing of the GM Teacher`s Agreement

Requirements for Instructor Certification

1.    Possession of GM Competency and Teacher Certification

2.    A minimum of two years practice as a Certified GM Teacher

3.    Five years total clinical practice in Sclerology following Competency Certification

4.    Passing the GM Instructor Certification Exam

5.    Signing of the GM Instructor Agreement

Requirements for Master's Certification

1.    Possession of the GM Competency Certification in the desired Eyology science

2.    Minimum ten years of clinical practice

3.    Successful completion of 54-hour Master`s Course

4.    Passage of the Master`s Exam in the desired Eyology science

Responsibilities of Certified Practitioners

GM Competency Certified practitioners are simply responsible to practice what they`re learned in a manner befitting one who is in the healing professions (see `The Healer`s Code of Ethics`). GM Certified Teachers must adhere to the terms of the GM Teacher`s Agreement. They are authorised by GM to teach 2 and 3-Day Intro Courses in Sclerology. Full assistance is provided in preparing materials and curricula for courses, including recent research upgrades and PowerPoint presentation CDs. Remuneration back to GM is 6% of their student course fees.  GM Certified Instructors are responsible for adhering to the above tenets, and are authorised by GM to teach full Certification Courses. GM Certified Masters may offer GM-authorized courses provided they have proper Teacher and/or Instructor Certification.

Note that there is a special certification program for those wishing to attain mastery in all three popular Eyology sciences (Master Eyologist): Sclerology, Physical Iridology, and Personality Iridology. Requirements include completion of 54 class hours in each of these sciences, plus successful passing of exams in each.  

Certificate Designations

Certification for Competency, Teaching and Instructing is possible in Sclerology, Physical Iridology, and Personality Iridology. Where `Iridologist,` `Teacher` and `Instructor` are noted below, all three science designations are possibilities.

GMCS     Grand Medicine Certified Sclerologist
GMCI      Grand Medicine Certified Iridologist
GMCT     Grand Medicine Certified Teacher
GMCI      Grand Medicine Certified Instructor
GMCMS   Grand Medicine Certified Master Sclerologist
GMCMI    Grand Medicine Certified Master Iridologist
GMCME   Grand Medicine Certified Master Eyologist

Grand medicine has a reputation for integrity and excellence in the field of Eyology.  We fully expect our students to maintain this reputation. Teachers and Instructors will be allowed to use the GranMed logo in their work as long as this level of practice and service continues in their case